Prueba de nivel inglés

    am hereare herewe are herewe here

    yes, he'sNo, he isn'tNo, his notYes, he is

    She is his daughterhe is his sonshe is her sonhe is her son

    They’re manyThere are anyThere are eightAre two books there

    The bird in the skyA bird’s in a skyThe birds in a skyThe bird’s in the sky

    is doingShe's doingAre doingare you doing

    the long legslong legsthe legs longlegs long

    Would youDo you likeYou wantWould you like

    more interestingmore interestedmost interestingmost interestesd

    to be unhappyunhappilyunhappythat he’s unhappy

    he speaks slowthat speaks slowlywhich speak slowwho slow speak

    much water intomuch water inmany water intomany water in

    mustn’t tocan’t tohaven’t todon’t have to

    were waiting at the airport until the plane took offwaited at the airport until the plane took onwere waiting at the airport for the plane take offwaited at the airport until the plane took off

    was made this car?was make this car?was this car made?did they made this car?

    if she wanted to go to the cinemawhat time she did want to go to the cinemaif she was wanting to go to the cinemaif she was wanting to go to the cinema

    do she arrivedid she arrivedoes she arrivedid she arrives

    Where are they going put the book?Where there are going to put the book?Where are they going to put the book?Where are there going put the book?

    at themtheythemat they

    He’s ElizabethHer name SarahShe’s a good girlIt’s Anne

    would you do about unemployment if you would bewould you do about unemployment if you werewill you about unemployment if you wereif do you do about unemployment you would be


    to getfor gettingin order to getthat he gets

    last weekfor last weekfor the last weeksince last week

    have you eaten?have you been eaten?have you atehave been eating

    Did Andrew gowas AndrewHas Andrew beenHas Andrew gone

    did buywas buyboughtdid he buy


    He’s under the chairThere’s on the tableIt’s near the windowIts here

    If I saw her I’ll tell herIf she saw me she tell meIf I’ll see her I’ll tell herIf I see her I’ll tell her

    Tell … where are you goingSay … where are you goingTell … where you are goingSay … where you are going

    do she meetis she meetwill she meetingis she meeting

    of Davidto DavidDavid'sDavids'

    Tuesday is the secondThe second is ThursdayTuesday is the fourthThe fourth is Thursday

    You know old manYou know an old manAn old man know youAn old man don’t know you

    will bewil to beis will bewill

    very exhaustingabsolutely exhaustingvery exhaustedabsolutely exhausted

    weren'twasn'tdidn't bewas not

    Kevin usually doesdoes Kevin usually dodoes Kevin usuallyusually does Kevin do

    has be standingstoodhas been stoodhas been standing

    Are you believing in god?Do you believe in God?you believing in God?Does you believe in God?

    for hundred and thirty ninefour hundreds and thirty ninefour hundred thirty ninefour hundreds thirty nine

    Look my garden, Susan!Susan looks my garden, SusanSusan is look at my gardenLook at my garden, Susan!

    don’t like some jobdon’t like his jobdoesn’t like some jobdoesn’t like her job

    is washing it nowwashes it nowis washing them nowwashes them now

    slept notdid sleepdidn't sleptdidn't sleep

    have got anyhas got anyhasn't got anyhasn't got

    anybodyany personspeoplesomebody

    as tall thanso tall asas tall asso tall that

    arrives they will tell himwill arrive they’ll tell himwill arrive they tell himarrived they will tell him