Sale conditions

Sale conditions

Ticket sale conditions

  • Estudi General Lul·lià reserves the right to make changes to the programming, dates, times, programs and artists, either at the request of the artists or for reasons beyond their control. Only in the case of cancellation of the event, the price of the purchased seats will be fully refunded.
  • Purchased seats cannot be exchanged or returned.
  • External promoters. In events organized by external promoters, the regulations and conditions expressed by the promoter who organized them must be consulted.


Purchase conditions of language courses

  • The course management reserves the right to cancel it if the minimum number of students is not reached. The enrollment fee will be refunded only in cases of non-admission of the student or cancellation of the course. Once the course has started, the enrollment fee will not be refunded. Only the following cases will be considered with supporting documentation:
    • Serious illness justified with an official medical certificate.
    • Unexpected and significant changes in the student's work or family conditions.
  • In designing these courses, the Estudi General Lul·lià uses the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) as a reference.
  • Students are grouped homogeneously according to their levels through a leveling test at the beginning of the course with a maximum of 12 students per classroom.
  • Attendance certificate. The courses give the right to a certificate of attendance which includes the language level of the course and the number of hours completed. Therefore, it is necessary to have attended 80% of the classes given.


Rules od the Estudi General Lul·Lià

  • Right of admission. The Estudi General Lul·lià reserves the right of admission. The Estudi General makes the official complaint, claim and denunciation sheets available to the public on request for any complaint and/or comment.
  • Access. Punctuality is requested. Depending on the type of event, entry may not be allowed once it has started. You must follow the instructions of the concierge or room manager, who will inform you of the access possibilities.
  • Silence. Mobile phones must be disconnected or silenced before entering the rooms and dimming the light intensity of the screens. It is recommended to avoid the vibration mode and the use of the mobile phone. It is necessary to disconnect all types of alarms.
  • Food and drinks. It is forbidden to enter the rooms with drinks or food.
  • Animals. With the exception of assistance dogs, it is forbidden to enter the Estudi General Lul·lià with animals.
  • You can't smoke. Pursuant to Law 28/2005, of December 26, smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building of the Estudi General Lul·lià.
  • Minors. All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.