Llull Lab o Laboratori Llull

This is an initiative of the General Luliano Studio that aims to promote a laboratory, an area for experimentation and exhibition with a clear intention of generating an impact on society, focusing on the multiple relationships established between the arts and the most current sciences with the thought of Ramon Llull, a Majorcan philosopher with great influence in the 13th and 14th centuries and significant repercussion in later centuries.

Having the Llull Lab based in Majorca enhances different aspects: the authority of a universal historical figure like Ramon Llull, whose network model of knowledge is increasingly contemporary, should be an undeniable attraction at a time when cultural transmission models seek to impact and open up in heterogeneous societies. On the other hand, Majorca is a place simultaneously isolated from major urban centres, which can facilitate concentration and a certain contemplative spirit, essential in study and research, yet connected in a privileged way with the main European capitals.

Ramon Llull is the creator of the thought system known as "Ars magna", a method of knowledge that converges different disciplines of his time: philosophy, theology, medicine, and law, among others. Through the language of combinatorial art, he related different concepts, and this unity of the different knowledge of the time was supposed to lead, through reason, demonstration, and dialogue, to peace among religions.

LLULL LAB aims to continue implementing the Lullian method and intends to be a space for contemporary debate: understood as a model or universal research method that uses sciences, arts, new technologies, and emerging media, whose content is nourished by materials from artistic and educational practice: installations, debates, dance, theatre, exhibitions, seminars, etc., and from a real need for dialogue and reasoned argument in order to approach the most genuine sense of the human being, in its unitary dimension between intellectual, moral, and social.

The idea of the project is led by Professor Amador Vega, professor of Philosophy at Pompeu Fabra University, and coordinated by Sílvia Ventayol, PhD in Humanities.

Llull Lab o Laboratori Llull