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Palma Romana

In the 1960s, during the renovation of part of the Lul·lià General Study building to construct the auditorium, monumental remains from the Roman era related to the city's forum were discovered.

This is confirmed by the findings from the years 1949-1950 and, especially, the archaeological remains discovered in 1967, now partially preserved and visitable. These are the remains of a ceremonial building, a canal, and other elements dating from the early imperial period, between the 1st century BC and the 2nd century AD.

Since their discovery, these remains have been incorporated into the discourse on the Roman city of Palma and are the only ones visitable in the entire city. Thanks to the support of the Consell de Mallorca for the recovery of archaeological heritage, the space is being adapted to ensure its visitation under the best conditions.

The guided tour route has different stops: Hort del Rei, Door of the Almudaina Palace, Episcopal Palace gardens, Can Ordines de Almadrà, Almudaina Street, Chamber of Commerce, and finally the Lul·lià General Study.

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