Estudi General Lul·lià

Years of history
Degrees finished

“Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own”

Johann Wolfgang von Goeth

Our story

The Estudi General Lul-lià is an educational and research institution  founded in Palma in 1951 to promote culture in Majorca and to bring back the possibility of university studies to the island. For several years courses in law and arts and letters were given in the Estudi until they were discontinued due to economic reasons. In 1959 the “Catédra” Ramon Llull, a professorship associated with the Department of Arts and Letters of the University of Barcelona, was created to offer courses for doctorate programs and summer courses focusing mainly on the area of philology. These programs were later amplified to include other scientific branches.

From 1967 to 1973 the Department of Arts and Letters of the University of
Barcelona had a branch at the Estudi, and from 1975 to 1982 it was the centre for UNED, the Spanish University Correspondence System.

It has also been home to the Balearic School of Tourism (1965-1983), the Social Assistance School (1959-1994) and the University School of Social Work (1994-1998). Over the years many cultural societies of a broad range have also been housed at the Estudi, such as the Young Musicians, the Nautical School, the Music Conservatory, the Mallorcan Astronomy Society, the Academy of Fine Arts of San Sebastian, the Society of Friends of the Country, Friends of the Windmills, Friends of the Maritime Museum and the Natural History Society, among others.

The Estudi General Lul-lia has systematically organized Spanish Courses
for Foreigners since its foundation in 1951. It has also sponsored many other cultural activities such as the XVI International Congress of Linguistics and Romance Philology, the XXVI Symposium of the Spanish Linguistic Society, the II Conference on Latin Syntax, the Symposium in Commemoration of the Birth of Georges Bernanos, the Saint Exupéry Conference and others. The Estudi General Lul-lià is located in a building constructed in 1951—later remodeled between 1963 and 1967— which was designed by Gabriel Alomar in the traditional style of a Majorcan palace.